Investment Change Evaluations

Essential Questions for Plan Sponsors

Learn your investment consultant's value add/loss and discover patterns that can be used to improve future investment decisions.

If your investment consultant has discretionary authority, our unique performance metrics can provide ongoing scoring of their value add/loss.

Although participants have choice, many plan changes are left to the plan sponsor. Score those decisions and improve future decisions.

The investment consultant is critical to plan success. A professional and thorough search will ensure the right fit for ongoing success.

Is your investment consultant adding value? You can try to guess, but if you rely solely on your investment consultant's reports, you will find it impossible to answer.

Fiduciary Protection

Monitoring the investment process is paramount for a fiduciary. Our objective analysis gives peace of mind.


Our studies provide insights not available in standard investment reports.

Apply the Results

Our studies will improve the investment process and future decisions.


Our studies will continue to help beyond the initial report.

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    -Peter Lynch
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    -Warren Buffett
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We are pleased that our clients have benefitted from our services. Here is what some of them had to say:

"The evaluation ICE did of our fund's investment consultant was extremely helpful for several reasons. It gave our board an objective and unbiased analysis of the consultant's performance, it helped us satisfy the procedural due diligence of evaluating the consultant, and it helped our trustees understand how to make better decisions in hiring/firing/evaluating money manager performance. Thank you for the hard work and attention to detail your firm delivered in the evaluation."
Frank Litton
Pension Trustee

"After being presented with a new (another) asset allocation strategy, as Pension Trustees, we were left questioning ourselves with how much value (alpha) the Investment Consultant has provided to the Pension Trust since inception of that firm's hiring. ICE's study revealed unique performance metrics that not only allowed the Trustees to measure the past recommendations of the Investment Consultant, but also found ways to improve our decision-making process."
Byron Loney
Pension Trustee

"As a pension trustee, I have found that the evaluation from ICE has given us a better perspective and increased confidence in our investment process"
John Madole
Pension Trustee

"I was curious about the services performed by ICE and found it to be far more than I expected. It is much more than analysis of our investment history. I really believe your Consultant Performance Review is something more trust funds should do."
Joseph Maraccini
Pension Trustee

"ICE provided insightful performance metrics that were not just high level compliance monitoring and due diligence of the investment consultant. But even more important, the data becomes the basis to make better future investment decisions."
Carlene Marra
Plan Administrator

"As Legal Counsel to Multi-Employer Trust Funds I regularly remind Trustees of the need to prudently exercise their investment oversight responsibilities. Investment Change Evaluations' expansive and informative methodology for assessing investment performance provides an invaluable tool which I can recommend without hesitation. Congratulations on creating an innovative and valuable resource for the industry."
Michael Moss, Esq.
Trust Fund Counsel

"Your Consultant Performance Review provided the type of information that is needed to have a meaningful conversation regarding plan assets and how we handle them. It was one of the best meetings we have had in years."
Sean O'Donoghue
Pension Trustee

"A Consultant Performance Review analyzes and measures asset allocation and manager selection decisions. Reporting on these decisions is not available in standard investment consultant reports. The analysis helped trustees fulfill their fiduciary duty to monitor the investment consultant and also revealed ways to improve future investment decisions."
Edward Smith
Plan Administrator

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